Subterranean Termite Prevention and Control

At Globe Exterminators, we protect your home by applying a product such as Termidor as a continuous barrier where termites tunnel through or enter your home. This product is injected below ground along the foundation of your home and is undetectable to termites.

Termite bait stations, such as Trelona ATBS stations, which are attractive to subterranean termites, are another option we use.

When we treat a structure for termites, whether preventative or remedial, we will provide a you with a service agreement, commonly called a termite bond, which is included in the treatment fee for one year, and may be renewed annually thereafter for ongoing protection. 

Trelona Termite Bait Stations
Termidor Termiticide

Are there a lot of termites in Central Florida?

Termites are abundant in Central Florida, and play an important role in a natural environment. Termites are key to breaking down cellulose in wood from fallen trees and returning nutrients back to the soil. However, these same termites do not distinguish any difference between a fallen tree and your home.

What’s more is that when a wooded area is cleared to build a structure, we then eliminate the natural resources for termites, leaving termites with little resources in that immediate area, other than the structure.

How do you know if you have termites?

There are a few things to watch out for. Discovering termite damage during a renovation being one. Sometimes, a mature colony will produce alates, commonly called “swarmers.” Different species of termites do this at different times of the year. They look a lot like ants with wings to the untrained eye, but there are actually distinct differences. The purpose of this nuptial flight is to start a new colony elsewhere, that over the period of several years will mature and release their own alates. 

The problem is termites are extremely cryptic — meaning they leave little evidence or indication of their presence. You may not be aware of a termite infestation in your own home, until damages become extensive. Termite infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floors, and obstructions. Homeowners insurance does not cover termite damage (they know better). 

Unfortunately, there is no current form of inspection which can guarantee you have a termite-free structure, as inspections are largely limited to what can be seen visually, not typically being the areas termites are infesting.