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A tent fumigation is the only whole-home termite treatment solution for control of drywood termites. “Local” or “spot” treatments often fail to target all of the drywood termite colonies infesting the structure. Why? Because they are isolated from each other.  You may observe evidence of termites, such as the tell-tale fecal “pellets,” but discovering this does not ensure that you have discovered all of the areas of termite infestation. The opposite is probably true, as these termites are cryptic and oftentimes this evidence is concealed behind wall coverings or other secluded areas of the home. 

If alates, known as termite swarmers, or discarded wings are present, this is also an indication that termites have been present for several years, as only mature colonies are capable of swarming, and you may not have known an infestation existed for all these years, until the swarm occurs. Once the swarms do begin, they have begun to disperse to other locations, as this is the sole purpose of these nuptial flights: to start new populations. 

About Tent Fumigation

A tent fumigation is performed with a gas, sufuryl flouride. During the fumigation, this gas reaches all areas of the structure, including inside of walls, the exterior of the building, and in crawlspaces above and below the structure. There is nowhere to hide if you are a drywood termite. The fumigant even penetrates the pores of the wood itself.

Although there are some preparations to be done prior to a fumigation, there is no clean-up after a tent fumigation. 

There are no residues or films left behind after a fumigation, and therefore no need for washing dishes, wiping-down countertops, cleaning linens or anything of the sort.