Tent Fumigation for Drywood Termites

Tent Fumigation or "Local/Spot" Treatment?

Drywood Termite infestations which can be verified to be existing ONLY in a localized area (i.e. a window frame) may be treated successfully "locally." This means a small area such as a wall cavity may be treated to resolve a localized infestation. 

However, if the infested area can not be pinpointed (e.g. "swarmer" termites or wings are observed that by the nature of flight, the origination point cannot be determined), or if the situation is widespread throughout the home, a tent fumigation may be required. 

Unfortunately local treatments are not successful 100% of the time and also will not resolve isolated colonies of Drywood Termites in other areas of the home. A tent fumigation will eliminate all colonies in the structure.

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