Termites Swarming ?

Termite Swarmer - Flying termite

What is a Termite Swarm

Usually occurring in the months of February and March, you may notice winged flying insects in or around your home. But, what are these pesky flying insects with wings?

Once a year, termite swarmers take flight to spread and start a new colony. Termite swarms occur in February/March by the colony producing Termite Swarmers. These flying termites look like ants with wings, and are commonly confused with flying ants.

When environmental ques are just right, these termites, simultaneously take flight with only one goal. That is to find another termite swarmer to pair up with and begin reproducing from square one- a king and queen on their way to creating their very own termite colony. It is not fully understood just how termites can coordinate simultaeous flight from independant colonies separated by great distance.

But what does this mean to me, a homeowner?

Unfortunately, if you see these termites, which look like black ants with wings, this is an indication of a mature termite colony. Only a mature colony produces these termites with wings. When population levels begin to become to great in ratio to the available resources, then they begin to look elsewhere, and fly away to start another colony. Colonies can contain upwards of 5 million termites in one population!

If you are seeing this activity, you should consult a Pest Management Professional (PMP) to identify the type of problem.

Flying termite swarmers are usually your only opportunity to discover an actual infestation. Unlike other pests such as roaches, or ants, which show themselves while they are foraging for resources, Termites do not. Termites live underground, or in some species, inside of cellulosic materials full-time. You will never see a working termite on any occasion.

Termite Swarm

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Subterranean Termite Swarms Look Like Black Ants With Wings

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